Why Choose Ready2Fund For Your Next Home Loan?

Digital Process

With our streamlined digital process, you can rest easy knowing it's all taken care of.

Faster Approval

Get what you need, when you need it.

Stronger Offers

Your personal mortgage expert will work for you, getting you the best offer.


Don't worry about keeping track of all the paperwork. Your mortgage expert handles it all for you, paper-free.

Be a Cash Buyer

There are huge benefits to being a cash buyer, we're here to help.

Low Rates

We stand behind our work and finding you the lowest rates possible.


01. Consultation

Get started by scheduling a consultation with one of our mortgage analyst experts. They’ll assess your needs and situation, as well as guide you through the rest of the process.


02. Application & Loan Submission

When you’re ready, you can apply on our website in as little as 10 minutes. Your application will be handled by your mortgage analyst expert and they’ll reach out to you to work on your application together. From here, we take take of the rest.


03. Sign & Fund

You’ll meet with closing agent to finish the settlement and we’ll fund the loan! We’ll continue to monitor rates and for you, and let you know when you might benefit from a no-cost refinance.

You can buy your new home.

Home Sellers.

Sell your home on time.

Ready2Fund guarantees the buyers loan will be completed on time, so you know the date you can move into your new home. When Ready2Fund is your preferred lender, we will buy your home with our cash so you can move on time if the buyer’s loan is late.

Learn how simple a loan should be
Take advantage of our industry low rates, $1,000 cash guarantee, and compete by becoming a cash buyer!

We transform the headaches of home buying into a seamless experience.

Home Buyers Compete like a Pro!

When you choose Ready2Fund, you get industry low rates and a $1,000 guarantee the loan will be completed on time.  Ready2Fund turns you into a cash buyer because we will buy the house with our cash and hold it till the loan is complete.

Why pay high buyer/lender closing fees?

Keep more money when selling your home when Ready2Fund completes your buyers loan.

On average, we save our clients $6,427 per loan. $2,250 We saved $2,250 per  $100,000 for our clients. We offer industry low rates and costs because we don’t have commission salespeople. We will save you thousands upfront and over the life of your loan.